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Professional Cosmetics Fairs

Professional Cosmetics Fairs and Exhibitions are essential, particularly as the pace of the industry’s developments is constantly increasing.

Health and Beauty Holding (Europe) GmbH offers the professionalism and security of a world renowned, leading brand, and serves as an appropriate connection between the demand and supply of its partners. Service as well as the concept of each EXPO is entirely customized to the needs of its participants. Our investments and services guarantee that our visitors can focus on the exhibitors and vice verse.

The fairs we organize are amongst the most important points of making deals, and as such, they are hugely attractive both for Hungarian and for foreign exhibitors and professional visitors.

Behind the scenes we have smart and rational lines of businesses providing full-fledged professional support, on which the events of Health and Beauty Holding can safely rely.

On top of the variety of products we introduce our guests, a growing part of the exhibitions is the education of professional cosmeticians. Professional programs covering actual and up to date topics of the industry, providing top standard information are regular feats of our events.

Our company is committed to respond to the goals and desires of our exhibitors and visitors. To ensure that we are helpful in supporting our business partners, we aim at new markets with our overarching professional experience. This also means that we only target markets that are promising to our partners in terms of potential growth and profitability. We therefore, don’t limit our activities to Europe: Beauty Forum Expos are substantial players of the industry worldwide.

Finally, what could be more optimal than the connection between Expos and professional publications?

The companies of Health and Beauty Group have recognized this demand, and unified their efforts and expertize. Beauty Forum, for one, is the official magazine of Beauty Forum Hungary and Beauty Hair & SPA Expos. Local editions of Beauty Forum are also published in various European countries.

Our Europe-wide coverage of the industry means that whenever we enter a new market, we can reach our target group both efficiently and effectively.

Full service with one single point of contact – this is the demand that ultimately forges the concept of Health and Beauty.